KC Design will come to the site and work up an estimate. We do everything from painting to a complete demo (countertops, flooring, tiling, countertops, tiling, plumbing, etc.)



$375 first room
$200 additional rooms 

With an E-Design you will get:

  • An inspiration board with the all of the selections we have made for you
  • A detailed list of purchase information for each product
  • Design notes and suggestions for how to pull it all together
  • A floor plan of where items should be placed

There is a $3/mile charge for every mile we travel to and from your location after 20 miles from our location in Corinth, TX.
If you are located within 20 miles from our location there is no mileage charge.


$115 first room
$75 additional rooms

 Please feel free to add as many rooms as you would like, but when the project is complete and closed out, we would then have to start with a new “first room” rate to start up again.
When we come to decorate, it is $30/hour while we are there putting it all together.

In addition, there is a charge of 20% of the total cost of all items you decide to keep.


KC Design will come to the site and help you design, give you tips and ideas, and just point you in the right direction so you can work on your masterpiece at your own pace!

This is at an hourly rate of $60.00/hr

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